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10 Reasons to Buy Our Quick Pages

10 Reasons to Buy Our Quick Pages

1. They are Unique! Our finished pages are designed using prints that are created using hand-painted artwork.

2. Easy! Quick pages are already finished, making it easy to create an album without having to put as much time into it.

3. Fast! If you love the look of scrapbook pages for your photos but don't have time to create them, our finished pages are the perfect solution. You get near the same look and all you have to do is attach your photos!

4. Great Value! Quick Pages are a great value. You get near the same look as our page kits at half the price. Get more pages for less!

5. WOW Factor! The two page layouts are vibrant in colors and sets the mood and tone that scrapbookers want to make.

6. New Pages Added Often! We love creating new layouts for you to enjoy!

7. Lots of Theme Choices! It can be difficult to find certain themes. Luckily we have a large variety of them, such as fishing, hunting, diving, luau's, sunset, beaches, camping, hiking, amusement park ... need I go on?

8. Great Gift! Does a friend or special person have a special occasion coming up? You can make a complete scrapbook album for them at an affordable price and all they have to do is add their photos!

9. Acid and Lignin Free! Is there any other way?

10. Made in the USA! We love our country.

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10 Reasons to Buy Our Page Kits

10 Reasons to Buy Our Page Kits

1. They're Unique!  Our Page Kits are designed with creativity in mind, using our hand painted prints. This results in a creation that showcases your treasured memories in a beautiful and colorful way which can be proudly displayed in your photo album!

2. WOW Factor! At Scrapbookers Painted Page, color is always at the forefront of our mind. We know that the right selection of colors can bring a layout to life. Our kits have a vibrancy which sets the mood  and tone that you want to make for your treasured memories! 

3. Easy to Use! They are perfect for scrapbookers of all experience levels. For beginners, we have easy to follow step by step instructions to help you create your layout. For seasoned scrapbookers, you can let your creativity shine by rearranging the layout and adding embellishments or personal items to make it unique to you! 

4. Fast! If you're looking to get your album done in a timely manor, our kits are perfect for that. The cover sheet shows you exactly where everything goes and it comes with step by step instructions to help you put it together efficiently.

5. Lots of Theme Choices! We have a theme for nearly every occasion. If you want to scrapbook about your camping trip at the lake, a wine tasting excursion, your grandkids fun-filled day at the amusement park, or any other adventures, then we have you covered! 

6. Take Them to Crops! With many themes to choose from, our page kits make it easy to plan for your next crop with little to no preparation. All the materials you need are inside, an example of the kit is pictured on the cover sheet and, as mentioned, they have easy to follow instructions. Simply choose the kits you're most impressed with and bring them to your next scrapbooking adventure! 

7. They're Environmentally Friendly! The environment matters to us. Our products are made in the USA, and are acid and lignin free.

8. Great Value! We make our kits with quality in mind and list them at the most affordable price we can offer.

9. Tells the Story! Our hand painted prints picture realistic scenery and objects which enhances your scrapbook by telling a story. 

10. Fun! In my opinion, our page kits are fun! The painted background enhances a layout by bringing it to life. It tells the story in a way lines and dots never could. Although, lines and dots are wonderful too, and they are a great accent to the painted background!

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