10 Reasons to Buy Our Cut Outs

10 Reasons to Buy Our Cut Outs

1.They're the perfect companion to our prints! As you know, we love anything hand painted! Our cut outs fit perfectly into a layout using our prints since they are also hand painted! But, of course, there really is no limit to scrapbooking. You could also use them to add extra flavor to a layout you're already working on!

2. They set the mood and tone! Our cut outs are colorful, bright, whimsical, and fun! They enhance scrapbook projects by setting the mood and tone as well as giving your project extra personality!

3. Mix and match! Each cut out page has a handful of designs. Why not experiment a little and see all the different ways they could add to your layout?

4. Create a unique layout through choices! Speaking of mixing and matching, our cut outs will help you build individuality because there are so many different options!

5. Easy to use! All you have to do is cut them out, choose where you want them, then glue or pop dot them onto your layout!

6. Theme choices! We love variety and our cut outs are no different. Choose from many different themes, such as Beach, Zoo, Western, Hiking, Travel, Fun Parks, and so many more!

7. They're fun! I personally find them to be so much fun! They are easy to use, have vivid colors, are different, and they help you tell your story. What's not to love?

8. Great value! One cut out page is unlikely to be used on only one project. They could stretch as far as two or three of them! 

9. Acid and lignin free! 

10. Made in the USA! 

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